Dar es Amar (en inglés)

Aquí les comparto algunos versos del libro de poesía de Swami Govindananda Saraswati el cual está disponible a través de Kali Mandir.

To Give is to Love

To some give wealth, To some give alms, To some respect, To some pranams.*

To some give dinner, To some give rice, To some give lessons, To some advice. 

To some give shelter, To some give land, To others give, A helping hand.

To some give direction, To some be a guide, To somewho need, A lift or ride.

To some what you know, To some a push, To help them go.

To some kind words, A pat on the back, To others guidance, Along the track.

To some give service, To some a chance, To be himself, And thus advance.

To some give praise, Or clothes to wear, To some protection, And loving care.

But to all give Love, And to all give Light, For always to give, Is always right.

Give yourself away.

By Swami Govindananda Saraswati

Govinda Baba has lived in India for decades and has penned many poems.  The seemingly simple verses echoing the nursery rhymes from childhood become the medium for expressing the mature realizations of a natural mystic and lover of God.